Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Boy who Made Them Love Again by Scarlet Wilson

The Boy who Made Them Love Again by Scarlet Wilson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Back Cover:
From Dr Storm to devoted dadWhen Luke Storm ended his relationship with Abby Tyler, he thought that he was doing the right thing.
Abby so wanted children and Luke knew he could never give them to her. Now, five years later, when he meets Abby again, and with a little boy of her own, Luke is rocked.
She’s as gorgeous and adorable as ever, but he realises that if he wants Abby back in his life, he has to let her special little son into his heart and become the father he never expected to be…

My Review
I really enjoyed reading "The Boy who Made Them Love Again "

The story starts out as a fun, light read; Two lovers Luke and Abby re-uniting by chance after 5 years but half way through the book it gets deeply emotional.

The characters in this book are wonderfully written; Reuben will make your heart melt what a sweetie.

"The Boy who Made Them Love Again " is an exceptionally well written medical novel, with lot’s of emotion, heartache and drama to keep you roped in to the end.

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