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Spotlight & Giveaway: West Wing to Maternity Wing by Scarlet Wilson

Today it is my pleasure to Welcome Harlequin M & B Medical author Scarlet Wilson to HarlequinJunkie!

Scarlet talks to us today about her June 2012 debut US release 'West Wing to Maternity Wing'

June 2012 Release - US Cover
When it comes to writing medicals it can be difficult to break away from the traditional settings ie maternity units, children's wards, GP surgeries.  A few years ago I watching the inauguration ceremony of a new President and his wife.  And my first thought?  For the first time in over 50 years there is the possibility of a white house baby!

It hasn't happened in this term of office, but it happened in my imagination and subsequently in my book.  The President and First Lady have a daughter - a very premature daughter and they require a very experienced neonatologist to look after their daughter.  Cue Lincoln Adams.  He gets wakened up in the middle of the night by the President's Men in Black and spirited away to look after this baby.  In the meantime he's had a strange text.  From someone he hasn't seen in five years. 

Amy ducked out of Lincoln's life when she had breast cancer.  Now, she's pregnant and due to complications she knows this baby will arrive early.  So, just like the First Lady, she wants the best neonatologist in the world to look after her baby.  Due to her history, this might be the only chance she ever has at having a child.  He means more to her than anything.  She'll even take the chance of seeing the man she loved with all her heart.

Lincoln Adams is based on the gorgeous Patrick Dempsey and Amy Carson is the gorgeous Amy Adams.  Had I maybe been watching Enchanted too often when I picked my characters???

In truth, I already had my names and physical descriptions before I looked for inspired photos.  Lincoln is in a life-changing role and finds himself at a real crucial turn.  When he's told he can't look after Amy's baby, as well as the President's daughter he threatens to walk.  Lincoln is a man with principles and priorities, even if he doesn't understand them.  In the meantime, Amy is terrified.  Terrified that something will happen to her son and terrified that something will happen to her heart.  After all, a man as gorgeous as Lincoln Adams couldn't possibly love a woman that's had a mastectomy, could he?

Scarlet Wilson
I loved writing this book and it was really important to me to try and address these issues without skimming over them.  I hope I've managed it!

Scarlet Please tell us a few things about yourself...
Scarlet: I'm a nurse and a health visitor who is currently working in public health.  I still work full time and have two young boys so time is at a premium in my life!  I became serious about writing around three years ago, although I wrote my first book when I was 8.  

Sara: Do you have a fun "call story" to share with us?
Scarlet: I was working with an editor from Mills and Boon after a medical pitch contest on eharlequin.  I'd gone through four sets of revisions and was beginning to think I'd never make the cut.  I'd ducked home at lunch time as I was waiting for something to be delivered - needless to say it hadn't arrived and I drove back to work in a bad mood.  I got The Call as I was driving back to work, I was so stunned to hear the editor's voice I swerved and narrowly avoided hitting some poor man who was walking his dog!

UK Cover
Sara: What one Scene would you never cut from "West Wing to Maternity Wing?"
Scarlet: The one that was most difficult to write.  My heroine has had a mastectomy and hasn't ever accepted the changes to her body.  The hero stands her in front of a mirror, naked, and tells her what he sees when he looks at her.  It's entirely different to what she sees and it rocks her world.

Sara: What next in 2012? Do you have any other releases lined up?  If not - What are you currently working on?
Scarlet: I have another release in September called A Bond Between Strangers.  It's part of a two in one with Anne Fraser about an embryo being wrongly implanted.  I write it from the perspective of the father.  I also have another book due out in November called Her Christmas Eve Diamond.  I really, really wanted to write a Christmas story for Harlequin as they are my absolute favourites.  I'm currently finishing a cruise ship book which should be published around February next year.

Sara: What 3 things you never leave home without (apart from keys, cellphone and money)
AUS Cover
Scarlet: A red pen, my moleskin notebook and red lipstick!

Sara: If you were written about in the newspaper, on the front page, what would the headline say?
Scarlet: The scarlet lady strikes again!

Sara: where can readers contact you
via my website, or on my scarlet wilson author page on Facebook.

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  1. Dr McDreamy all the way. Sensitive, caring & the best bedside manner in the business.


  2. Surgeon McSurly. Only because it seems like he'd have more emotional barriers to overcome and that'd make him even more interesting :)

  3. Ooooo... I love how you've both gone for different docs! Sometimes it depends on my mood which doc I go for. I still love the scene of George Clooney in ER, dressed in his dinner suit, holding the boy he's just rescued from the sewer drain. Now there's man I'd like to towel dry!

  4. Sara, as always I loved the interview. Scarlet, thank you for sharing. I'm very intrigued by this book, especially after mentioning the scene in front of a mirror. And congrats on your new release! Sara, regarding your question, I always go for McDreamy. There is nothing wrong with being surly & sullen, but not when it's a doctor, especially neonatologist.

  5. Awww thanks Natalija, is it any wonder I based Lincoln on the original Dr McDreamy Patrick Dempsey. Or did I just want to stare at him all day???!!!

  6. I love Dr McDreamy. He is flawed but a character that also has hope. Patrick Dempsey is lovely. I think his hotness factor is off the charts. I remember how geeky he was in the 80s. But weren't we all. LOL

    geishasmom73 AT yahoo DOT com

  7. Wow. I have to choose? I'd love a combo of Surgeon McSurly and Dr. McDreamy! Maybe he can be surly with others and dreamy with me? That would be the best, lol!

  8. I watched Outbreak the other night and Patrick Dempsey was in that as a kind of minor character who let the monkey go in the forest. Not pretty then, he has majorly improved with age!

  9. Dr. McDreamy! You need to have something good to look at in the bland hospital setting!