Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Marriage Worth Fighting For by Lilian Darcy

A Marriage Worth Fighting ForA Marriage Worth Fighting For by Lilian Darcy
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Book Blurb:
I DO...AGAIN? When Alicia McKinley agreed to a whirlwind Las Vegas wedding, she'd been swept away by the sheer romance of it all. How could she not say "I do" to Michael James McKinley, the gorgeous doctor who offered her everything she'd ever dreamed of? Still, after years of coming in second to MJ's career, it was time to say "I don't" to the workaholic husband who took her totally for granted. But MJ is not a man who gives up without a fight. He and Alicia might not have a perfect marriage, but now that he knows what is on the line, he is determined to risk everything-including his heart-for a second chance with his wife!

I totally loved this book ! It was really a fabulous read that had me glued to my seat and I read this one in one sitting ! The story of MJ and Alicia and their two beautiful children had me inspired and entranced. MJ recons he has it all a beautiful wife,two gorgeous kids,a great job and that life could not be better.

That is until his world comes crashing down with such a force that it knocks the wind in his sails. He and Alica had a love that is pure and passionate which you will agree is everything every woman dreams of. So what could possibly tear them apart,you might ask?

The author took a couple each set as good,strong characters and mixed in the perfect amount of drama to bring forth a good old fashioned story of love conquers all if that love is strong enough. The emotion packed into the plot by the author had me really emotionally connected to all characters involved,I felt the pain they experienced and felt the joy when the author very talently takes the reader back to the past,so vividly that I felt like I was on a emotional roller coaster.

The book had depth,passion and reminded me that out there are couples that each have their own set of problems to deal with.

Whether your a first time Lilian Darcy fan or a returning reader you will be pleasantly surprised at just how powerful her writing can be.

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  1. Ow, it has 5 stars? OMG, I really want to read it!! I was kinda dissapointed when reading some of newer HQs so I need a good one instead! I hope I can get a copy of this good HQ so I can read it together with my Mum <3