Sunday, May 6, 2012

SPOTLIGHT: Suddenly Sexy by Susanna Carr

Suddenly Sexy summary:
Julie Kent is looking for excitement in her life. She wants to save the world--and earn a cool nickname while she's at it--but her crime-fighting career has been more paperwork than perps. And if Eric Ranger has any say in the matter, she won't get out of her cubicle!

Eric is a battle-scarred agent temporarily helping his friend's security business. He wants to protect Julie from the world he knows. She reminds him of what he's been fighting for; he's attracted to Julie, but he won't touch her. He even goes so far as to let her think she isn't sexy enough to be a decoy on their current case.

But Julie turns the tables on Eric by making the first move. Trying out one sexy alias after another, Julie finds trouble wherever she turns. And though Eric is determined to be at her side to protect her, now he just can't keep his hands off her.
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Excerpt from Suddenly Sexy

“Tell me the real reason why you won’t let me be a decoy. Do you think I’m smart and sexy?” she said in a low tone. She looked him in the eye and then her gaze skittered away.
This was dangerous territory. “I think you’re reckless,” he answered gruffly. He’d seen how she would jump into a project with unrestrained enthusiasm.
Her eyes gleamed with determination. “I can be cautious.”
Eric rolled his eyes.
Suddenly Sexy“And I can do sexy.”
Just the way her voice got rough was sexy as hell. His body tightened with anticipation. “But you can’t seduce a man.” He wasn’t going to let her seduce a stranger. Not on his watch.
“Yes, I can.”
Eric shook his head. “And you’re not the type who could seduce a man you’re not interested in. You’re too honest.”
Julie thrust her chin out and narrowed her eyes. Why was she taking offense over that statement? “I can seduce anyone when I set my mind to it.”
Eric lifted his hands as if he were surrendering. “I’ll take your word for it, but you still don’t get the job.”
She pressed a finger against his chest. “I can seduce you if I wanted to.”

Susanna talks to HarlequinJunkie about Suddenly Sexy & naming her characters:

I put a lot of thought behind the names of my characters. Sometimes there's a special meaning about the name but I don't bring it up in the story because it's not important to the reader. Usually the meaning is just something to help me develop the character.

Susanna Carr
For example, the heroine in Suddenly Sexy is Julie Kent. She wants to go from mild to wild and is trying different sexy aliases. I chose the last name Kent because it reminds me of Superman's alias Clark Kent. Clark Kent is mild-manner and ordinary, which is how Julie feels.

I did the same thing for Eric Ranger, the hero in Suddenly Sexy. Eric is a world-weary special agent. I wanted a name that indicated some of his traits: protective and adventurous with a bit of a dangerous edge. The word "ranger" makes me think of a lawman or an official who protects. It also conjures up the idea of adventure and the frontier to me.

How did I come up with their first names? I wanted a masculine name for the hero that had a harsh, almost clipped sound. For the heroine, not only did I want a pretty and feminine name, but I also wanted something that was popular. It was important that I didn't give her an unusual name that would make her stand out.

Occasionally I change a name while I'm writing the story and learning more about the character, but that wasn't the case with Suddenly Sexy. Julie and Eric were very clear to me from the beginning and I hope you'll enjoy their story!

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Author Bio:
Susanna Carr has been an avid romance reader since she read her first Harlequin at the age of 10. She has written sexy contemporary romances for several publishers and her work has been honored with awards for contemporary and sensual romance. Susanna lives in the Pacific Northwest with her family. When she isn't writing, Susanna enjoys reading romance and connecting with readers online. Visit her website


  1. I think I'd go for 'Sassy' as I think that's a nickname that's suits me to a T:)

  2. My friends call me Chilly, because I'm very laid back. I like to "chill". Thanks!

  3. Sassy and Chilly! both Great choices....

  4. I love these nicknames! I never had a cool nickname and I'm not sure what I would choose for myself.

  5. Couple friends call me Yogi or Booky since I'm always reading.

    1. Those are fun nicknames, Jody! I've been called a bookworm because I'm always reading, but never Booky. :)

  6. In college I was called "Frenchie." I think I would go for "Hot Mama" now. LOL!

    1. Frenchie makes me think of the fun character in Grease!

  7. Well, i don't really know a great nickname I would like. But the nickname people give me is Yaz, the other which has not been used in a while (thank God) is Yazminder.

  8. Congrats on book hot cover

    sporty and shorty

    1. Thanks, Kim! I'm happy with the cover.

      I'm often called shorty, too! Never sporty, but that's because I'm not athletic at all. :)

  9. I was called pumpkin in Highschool because of my hair color & haircut - it was shortened to Punky after a while. I loved it & it was said with a great dose of humor.

    1. Pumpkin a sweet nickname! I like Punky, too because it has a great attitude.

  10. I'd like something happy sounding like Sunshine or Smiley.

    1. those would be great nicknames. They are happy and positive -- something I wouldn't mind answering to. :)