Friday, April 20, 2012

A Fiona Harper Addiction

I recently went through a Fiona Harper addiction Phase...It all started with the purchase of one book:"Housekeeper's Happy-ever-after"

I was hooked - line and sinker. Not only did I  browse B & N to find every Fiona Harper eBook available  ofcos I couldn't stop there I had to buy every ebook out there (credit card *cringe). My only Complaint - Why isn't "English Lord, Ordinary Lady" available on B & N as a eBook?

Fiona Harper writes for Harlequin Romance Series and if you haven't read one of her books yet, you are definitly in for a treat.

If you are looking to read something light, Fun, Flirty and Heartwarming, here are some of her books you might want to look into

Harlequin Romance Series:

Housekeeper's Happy-ever-after
The Balerina Bride
Saying Yes to the Milionaire
Blind Date Baby
English Lord, Ordinary Lady
Invitation to the Boss's Ball.

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